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“Greening” the Economy: Real Climate Economics and Sustainable Development

by Serban Scrieciu • December 15, 2010 @ 12:32 pm

The concept of green economy is being widely used in policy circles and debates between stakeholders of various backgrounds. However, how is this concept useful for pushing forward discussions on climate policy planning or policymaking promoting more sustainable development outcomes? And to what extent is it consistent with the body of scholarship that we call “real climate economics”? Perhaps the clue is in the terminology being used and its associated definitions. If one were to put in front of you two words, “green economy”, what would your first take on this be? My first reaction (putting aside any previous knowledge of the term): an economy that produces goods for human consumption by respecting nature and harnessing its potential efficiently and without damage. A quick literature review reveals this is only partly true. (more…)

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Agenda For a “New” Economics of Climate Change

by Serban Scrieciu • July 13, 2010 @ 2:17 pm

Throughout the world, societies are reaching across frontiers, and having an impact beyond their borders. As well, modern life is increasingly complex, with challenges that affect us all; finding solutions will require cooperation across research communities. Man-made climate change is one such challenge that has been confronting us for the past two or three decades. During the early phases of the climate change debate, there was virtually no communication between climate scientists, economists, those working on development issues and other “soft “or “hard” scientists. This was understandable as the climate scientists focused on exploring the physical processes associated with man-made climate change, as well as the risks that our planet might be facing with an increasingly unstable climate. (more…)

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