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To Reduce Carbon Emissions, Buy Your Salmon Frozen

by Astrid Scholz • October 21, 2010 @ 11:16 am

Several years ago, I teamed up with Ulf Sonesson, food system researcher, and Peter Tyedmers, a fellow ecological economist, to understand how to develop sustainable food systems to feed a planet of nine billion by 2050. As the focus of our study, we chose salmon, an important source of protein around the world and a food that is available nearly anywhere at any time, regardless of season or local supply. We examined the salmon’s life cycle: how the fish are caught in the wild, what they’re fed when farmed, how they’re processed and transported and how they’re consumed.

And what did we find in our research? When it comes to salmon, the questions of organic versus conventional and wild versus farmed matter less than whether the fish is frozen or fresh. In many cases, fresh salmon has about twice the environmental impact as frozen salmon. (more…)

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