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Clearing the Air About Job Killer Myths

by Kristen Sheeran • December 2, 2011 @ 9:57 am

E3 Network’s Eban Goodstein has spent the last 15 years arguing that regulations are not job killers. The empirical evidence of job losses from environmental and human health regulations over the last few decades in the US simply do not support the job killer myth. On the contrary, regulations that require investments in new technologies and machinery can create new jobs, especially in slack economies.

In this interview, Goodstein’s arguments are paired with real life examples from Maryland, where more stringent air quality regulations on power plants have  compelled coal-fired power plants to install billion-dollar scrubbers. None of the dire predictions of job losses and blackouts have come true and new jobs have been created - a win-win for people and the environment.

Brandon Shores scrubber with Melissa Sampson - NPR

NPR Interview – Clearing Air Job Killer Myths



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